The 5-Star WiFi for venues





Take control over your WiFi venues. One platform to enhance every aspect of guest WiFi access

Professional accounting, billing and advertising solution for managing all your networks from one single panel. Manage numerous venues from one control panel. It is multi-language: Italian, German, Croatian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Thai.

Turn your WiFi into Social WiFi

Make the process of getting users on board simply fast. Increase your online presence and affect your customers.

Shape the Traffic. Combine free trial use with paid faster access

Limit guests to a defined amount of bandwidth or time, ensuring equally-distributed access. Generate additional revenue by charging users for WiFi Access. Provide a certain amount of access for free or charge for premium speeds. The most popular credit card payment gateways are supported. Keep reading

Payment methods

Simplify the payments process and make your business grow. With a choice of payment gateways for modern business, you get the tools to simplify the transaction processes and grow your business. The most popular credit card payment gateways are supported. WiFiveStars also allows your guests to purchase cards and vouchers directly at the reception desk. Keep 100% of your sales revenue.

WiFiveStars is Social

One click connection via any of their favorite social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, VKontakte). WiFiveStars offers users the ability to use their social network to authenticate quickly and easily.

  • 9 out of 10 users surf the internet with their mobile phone.
  • 3 out of 10 users look up the phone more than 50 times a day.

Social login is the access mode that users prefer and favors the number of connections.